Officers' Role JAPANESE


Chief executive officer
The president holds the most important office in a Toastmasters club. As president, you provide the leadership and guidance the club needs to meet its standards and to become a Distinguished Club. You are responsible for providing the supportive club environment members need to fulfill their self-development goals, for making sure that members benefit from the Toastmasters educational program, and that the club recruits new members and retains current ones.

The manual When You Are the President describes the following standards more fully and explains how to carry them out.

Outside the Club Meeting:

Attend district-sponsored club officer training.
Ensure club officers meet officer and meeting standards.
Oversee plan to achieve Distinguished Club Program goals and ensure club is Distinguished.
Encourage communication and leadership development by promoting CC, AC, CL and AL awards.
Ensure club has an ongoing membership-building program.
Attend and vote club’s proxy at district council meetings or authorize a club member to do so.
Attend regional conference and International Convention and vote club’s proxy or send proxy to district governor.
Oversee administrative operation of club in compliance with the Club Constitution and Bylaws.
Maintain relationships with the district and with Toastmasters International.
Schedule and chair monthly executive committee meetings.
Arrange for a replacement if unable to attend a club or executive committee meeting.
Search for leaders, ensure all club offices are filled for the succeeding term and ensure timely elections are conducted.
Prepare your successor for office.

At the Club Meeting:

Ensure the meeting starts and ends on time.
Make sure guests are warmly and enthusiastically welcomed and introduced.
Allow time before and after the meeting to speak with guests.
Read and/or display the club mission at every meeting.
Discuss the Distinguished Club Program and the club’s progress and achievements in it.
Recognize member achievements in Toastmasters and in their personal lives.
Report on the “Moments of Truth” the club is achieving.